Respect your Teacher

Respect your Teacher Your education is a very important part of your growth. Teachers are a big part of your life, from your regular schoolteachers to your tutors and martial arts instructors. They help you learn all the things you need to know to succeed in life. Without the hard work and dedication of teachers, […]

Setting Goals

Setting Goals   What Are Goals?  Think about something you want, it can be having something or doing something. For example, winning a martial arts tournament can be a goal, but so could earning a new belt or skill. But not everything you want is a goal. For example, eating meatloaf for dinner or having […]

Keep Your Room Clean

Keep Your Room Clean Cleaning your room is something your parents always tell you to do, so you may think of it as yet another household chore. But cleaning your room is far from a typical chore, it’s actually an important part of self-discipline and respect. If you think about it, you’re in your room […]

Have Good Manners

Have Good Manners Your manners are how you speak to, and behave around, other people. If you are rude and treat others poorly you have bad manners, but if you’re kind and considerate you have good manners. Think about the last time you spoke to someone. Did you do things like say “excuse me” if […]

What is Self-Discipline?

What is Self-Discipline? Self-discipline — also called self-control — is a trait that comprises many aspects. Self-discipline denotes the ability to control one’s emotions and to think rationally, to think before acting, to persevere, and endure hardships and obstacles in order to carry out a course of action and to delay gratification. This is the […]

What is Self-Confidence?

What is Self-Confidence? Self-confidence is a natural outgrowth of self-discipline. Self-confidence is the belief — even when you’re nervous or scared — in one’s own judgment and abilities. | have to return to learning to walk to describe it. As an adult, you are fairly confident in your ability to walk. You know how, you’ve been doing it […]

Tips and Tricks that Everyone Should Know

Tips and Tricks that Everyone Should Know Self-defense is a necessary skill that should be learned by everyone. It’s defined as the use of reasonable — but not excessive – force to defend yourself or your family from the threat of bodily harm by an aggressor. It’s a better idea to be prepared than to be caught by […]

Buddy System

Buddy System There is strength in numbers. Going somewhere with someone is pretty much an automatic deterrent to assault. While an assailant might take on one person on their own, they’re going to be reluctant to face two or more. It’s important that you stay with your friends, and not let someone separate and isolate you. It’s then that […]

Minimize Risk

Minimize Risk There are certain types of risk that can be minimized in order to make an assault less likely, and | am going to come out and say that alcohol is one risk that needs some discussion. If you are drinking, you are less inhibited, less aware of your surroundings, and less likely to respond appropriately to threats […]

How to Fight Back

How to Fight Back Sometimes all the prevention in the world won’t stop an assault. If you are assaulted or harassed, get loud and push back. Yell, “What are you doing? Get away from me!” Or, “If you don’t leave me alone I’Il call the police!” Or, for the sake of simplicity, “Back off!” Attackers do not like […]