Be On Time

Be On Time  Being on time and prepared are important qualities that help you stay on track. It might be impossible to always be on time, but you can still be on time very often. All it takes is a little preparation and foresight, and you can be the first person in your class or […]

Always Smile

Always Smile  We all have tough days from time to time. You may have done poorly on a test at school, had a fight with your friend, or got in trouble with your parents. It’s ok, this is all part of life and any one of these things has the potential of hurting you and […]

Black Belt Habit

Black Belt Habit  As dedicated students of martial arts, you will know that being a black belt is about more than having a black belt. Of course, it’s not just a belt! It is a symbol of the hard work and discipline it took to become a master of martial arts. When you see someone […]

Good Nutrition

Good Nutrition  As you probably know, your body needs a lot of things to stay strong and healthy. Things like good hygiene, nutritious food, and lots of water, are all very important because they ensure your body has all the stuff it needs to function the way it is supposed to. Without these basic things, […]

How to Start Prioritizing

How to Start Prioritizing You do many things during the day, in fact, you do even more things during the week or month. Things may pile up on your to-do list, or you may just have a very long list to begin with! This is normal and natural. We all have different responsibilities and tasks […]

What is Action-Effort?

What is Action-Effort? When you are given a task to complete, there are many different ways you can approach it. Something as simple as doing homework or practicing a martial arts form, actually has many different parts important to successfully accomplishing it. You may think it’s as easy as just completing whatever task you’re assigned, […]

Thank You, and I Love You

Thank You, and I Love You When you do something kind or caring for a loved one, like a sibling or friend, you do it to show them your love and respect. But it is equally important to show them gratitude and appreciation when they do something kind for you, or simply because you want […]

Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution Disagreements happen all the time. Wherever you are, whether it’s at school, at home, or even at the martial arts studio, you will likely face a conflict at some point in time. It is important to remember that this is a natural part of life. You can have conflicts with people you love […]

Personal Hygiene

Personal Hygiene We all know hygiene is important. Things like keeping your lunchbox clean or vacuuming your room are both examples of hygienic things to do, so personal hygiene is just another way of being hygienic. Personal hygiene is about keeping your body clean by taking care of it and making sure you are always […]


Organization As you get older and become more mature, you will have more responsibilities, and part of that is learning how to be organized. This means keeping your things in an orderly way and planning your activities or tasks appropriately. Like everything else you will learn about as you get older, it takes a little […]