Indomitable Spirit

Indomitable Spirit You may hear the phrase ‘indomitable spirit’ being used in movies or inspirational speeches, but do you really know what it means? This phrase has a very deep and personal meaning, so it can be difficult to understand. Basically, it means that your ambition, determination, and will to succeed, is very strong and […]


Self-Control Sometimes you may feel a strong urge to do something, like play video games instead of doing homework or eat candy instead of a healthy meal. Everyone has these feelings, it’s a normal part of being human. Sometimes we want to do fun stuff instead of the things we should be doing. But you […]


Perseverance  When you take on a new challenge, you may find that it is more difficult than you expected. Think about your first martial arts class, or your first class in a new subject. It may be exciting at first, but then you see that it’s actually a lot of work. Some people give up […]


Integrity  As your parents and teachers have told you from a young age, it is important that you try to be honest and do the right thing whenever you can. But for martial arts students and other athletes, it is even more important. When you compete in tournaments or practice in your weekly martial arts […]


Modesty  Being modest means being grounded and humble. Think about someone you find very skilled, for example the top student in your martial arts class. Even though they are very talented, it would be improper for them to be unpleasant or boastful about their talents. You may not know why, but it naturally feels uncomfortable […]


Courtesy  Courtesy is one of those words we use very often without knowing their exact definition. Do you know what it means to be courteous? Well, being courteous often means being kind and polite to those around you. For example, holding the door open for someone, helping someone carry their baggage, and saying ‘bless you’ […]

Black Belt Habit

Black Belt Habit  As dedicated students of martial arts, you will know that being a black belt is about more than having a black belt. Of course, it’s not just a belt! It is a symbol of the hard work and discipline it took to become a master of martial arts. When you see someone […]

Good Nutrition

Good Nutrition  As you probably know, your body needs a lot of things to stay strong and healthy. Things like good hygiene, nutritious food, and lots of water, are all very important because they ensure your body has all the stuff it needs to function the way it is supposed to. Without these basic things, […]

How to Start Prioritizing

How to Start Prioritizing You do many things during the day, in fact, you do even more things during the week or month. Things may pile up on your to-do list, or you may just have a very long list to begin with! This is normal and natural. We all have different responsibilities and tasks […]

What is Action-Effort?

What is Action-Effort? When you are given a task to complete, there are many different ways you can approach it. Something as simple as doing homework or practicing a martial arts form, actually has many different parts important to successfully accomplishing it. You may think it’s as easy as just completing whatever task you’re assigned, […]