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“Our 4 boys and we Love our Park's Family! The motto of perseverance, indomitable spirit and discipline is evident in all the students!.”
~ Pilar Forero Taylor


Don’t take our word for it, read what some of our students and their families are saying about Park’s Taekwondo Federation schools of martial arts. After reading these testimonials, you will surely want to learn more about what Park’s classes can offer your family. Check out our programs or schedule a time to visit one of our locations.

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Zara has been a student at Park's for the last 7 years. Throughout her course of training, Zara has been motivated to become a dedicated student of Taekwondo at the direction of her instructors. The Park's team has always been there to challenge Zara and push her to do more than she ever expected she could. Her training has helped her become disciplined in both her physical endeavors and academic honor roll achievements. Obtaining her 2nd degree black belt has been an amazing accomplishment and she is looking towards the continuation of her Taekwondo endeavors at Park's.

Angela Lam

My daughter has been a Park's student for over 8 years, she absolutely loves going to Park's Tae Kwon Do classes and all the instructors are top teachers. Several of the current instructors are from Korea trained from the top schools. We can't be happier at Park's Tae Kwon Do. My daughter was shy and uncoordinated as a little girl, we decided to try martial arts and she didn't like kung fu or karate after going to those classes. During one summer Park's Tae Kwon Do was teaching a weekly class at the Summer Camp and my daughter just loved it. The funny thing was we didn't even know she was learning Tae Kwon Do until the end of that Summer. She has not stopped since that Summer 8 years ago. She is now a confident, strong, disciplined and goal oriented person. The best training for anyone at any age. Alex started in kids classes and now she attends adult classes. Park's classes are age and skill appropriate based on each individual, instructors are experienced and highly motivated. Grand Master Park and his family have been teaching and training Tae Kwon Do their entire life, they are the BEST in S. Florida in my opinion.

Tiffany Mosca

Joseph now has a black belt degree in Taekwondo as of 12/15/2013. He has studies martial arts for three years. During this time, he has developed self-control, and a sense of respect for others. I can't say enough about this school!

David P. Pineda

Parents of young children do a lot of activity "exploration" in order to find whats appropriate for the developing minds and bodies of our little ones. From academics to sports to music, the choices are plentiful but we also don't want to waste time and money making sure that our children are getting something out of it and also enjoying it. If you are considering the martial arts training offered at Park's, then I'd encourage you to not waste another minute and DO IT... We joined over a year and a half ago, and I can say without hesitation that Park's has positively influenced my son's confidence and level of respect for others. The true strength of Park's is the instructors employed there... Park's has been lucky enough to attract passionate, caring, and patient instructors who are naturally "geared" for children of all ages. And it is not only the techniques of Tae Kwon Do that are being instilled... The emphasis is on Respect, Discipline, Integrity, and Never Giving Up as well. Park's hits it "out of the Park", and we highly recommend them.


I consider myself lucky to be involved with Parks Taekwondo & Martial Arts School for a few different reasons. First as a student, then as a parent and most recent as an Assistant Instructor. I joined Park’s initially to spend time with my son Joseph, who was also starting Taekwondo and also to stay in shape after my last cancer surgery. Yes I have been fighting for 9 years now and Taekwondo has helped me keep up my strength, help keep my mind in the right place and also to help push myself in other areas. Park’s Taekwondo did not just teach me to recite the Black Belt Creed, they help me live it. I have been able to continue to fight cancer at the same time as my son and I enjoy spending valuable quality time together earning our belts and sharing the same interests with each other.

When I had to go in for another surgery Joseph had stepped ahead of me in belts, but when he was to test for his Black Belt he delayed taking his test. He decided we had been through too much together and he wanted to wait for me like we had always planned and test for our black belts at the same time. Park’s Taekwondo promotes family and this is the kind of heart it produces in its student. The time had come for Joseph and I to test for our Black Belts and I received more bad news and had to get even more treatment all the way up to the day of testing. Needless to say, I did not feel well or have much strength, or so I thought, but with everyone’s support at Park’s we tested together…. Father and Son. This has to be one of my proudest moments; my son & I were actually testing side by side for our Black Belts. What a ride and what a fight. Part of the Park’s Student Creed is “I will never give up.” Just like the other belt tests we had taken in the past I felt the pain, but this time it tasted a little sweeter and we were done. This test pushed me hard and at times I did not think I was going to make it through. All I remember was Joseph by my side telling me to “keep pushing, we’re almost there”. Yes, I did not give up and we both earned our Black Belts from Park’s Taekwondo.

Now because of treatments and my continuing fight I can no longer keep up physically with the curriculum or the other students, so you know what they say…”Those that can’t do, teach”. Well that’s me now. I have come a long way with Park’s Tae-Kwon-Do from White Belt to Black Belt and now an Assistant Instructor. I am very proud to say that I teach at Park’s Taekwondo and hope to see more family members learning together and spending this valuable time together. You only get “today” once then it’s only a memory. Make it a good memory, one that you will be able to keep with you always.