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“...Park's classes are age and skill appropriate based on each individual, instructors are experienced and highly motivated. Grand Master Park and his family have been teaching and training Tae Kwon Do their entire life, they are the BEST in S. Florida in my opinion.”
~ Angela Lam

5 Bad Mental Habits to Break Right Now

Everyone has bad days, but sometimes you can find those bad days piling up. You can also find yourself falling into bad habits that make everything harder to deal with, hold you back, and bring you down. If you feel down and blue all the time, talk to your parents, or another adult you trust. […]

Fear of Failure and Why It’s Wrong

  Often, nobody is harder on you than you. It’s the way we’ve been raised, to fear failing, that one failure dooms us to “suck at doing ____” forever. Nothing could be more wrong, more damaging, and be more intellectually inhibiting to a child than teaching them that failure is forever. Yes, you can prevent […]

Taekwondo Parenting: Foundations of Success

You’ve entered your child in Taekwondo classes, but for your child to succeed and thrive you need to be actively involved in their lives. Parenting changes with the times, and sometimes it’s hard to know what approach to take and how to parent without falling into an unhealthy dynamic with your child. Lay the foundations […]

Teach Your Child to Never Give Up

According to Parents.com, it’s increasingly common for parents to have difficulty motivating a child, while teaching them to set and reach goals is an even bigger challenge. All too often, today’s children give up at the first sign of trouble, missing out on valuable increases in confidence and lessons on the value of perseverance in […]

Getting Encouragement Down to an Art

If your child has issues with confidence, self-esteem or anxiety, a great way to help them overcome these trials is by giving them an activity that is both encouraging and empowering. There are plenty of ways to do this, but while many parents opt for sports for their boys and clubs for their girls, there’s […]