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“Motivation, dedication and integrity are the words used to describe Grandmaster Park's Taekwondo Federation. The schools are clean, staff are talented, students are motivated and the families are supportive!...”
~ Dave Young


We at Park's believe that taekwondo isn't a hobby, but a way of life. We have seen how martial arts can change lives and help people grow and reach their full potential. Martial arts is something that affects all areas of your life. The things you learn in the dojang can be applied to school, work, and your social life.

Courtesy, modesty, and respect go a long way with social situations, as well as when dealing with people in authority like parents and teachers. Perseverance helps you through the tough times and brings you closer to your goals and dreams. You must persevere to reach your potential. Self control helps you keep a cool and level head no matter how difficult the situation may be. It also helps you know when to act and when to walk away. With an indomitable spirit, you can do anything you put your mind to. Nothing is out of your reach if you have the will to do it.

Toddlers (Mommy & Me Karate)

Want to take a class with your toddler to help get both them and you moving? Our toddlers' karate classes could be perfect for you!

  • Toddler classes with parents is a great way to help build your bond while learning new things at the same time. You're helping your toddler learn while having fun, and that helps make your child feel loved and cared about.

  • Karate can teach toddlers good motor skills. Your child is learning how to move and walk, and the movements taught in these classes can help them be more stable on their feet as well as helping their hand-eye coordination.

  • Play is incredibly important for your child to learn about their world. Karate at this age is just that for them, a form of play that teaches and stimulates your child's mind.

Hand-Eye Coordination

Martial arts is good for hand-eye coordination, no matter what age the student is. This is especially good for your toddler who is still just learning hand-eye coordination by grabbing and holding onto things. We help your child better develop their hand-eye coordination with the moves we teach in this class, giving them practice hand and arm movements. You're giving your child a head start.

Listening Skills

Structured classes like our Mommy and Me Karate can help with your toddler's listening skills. Karate and taekwondo help with listening skills of any age, really, as students have to listen to the instructors for how to do moves correctly and listen for instructions of what they will do next. All of our classes are taught by having the students listen carefully to follow directions from our instructors.


Taekwondo Juniors

Our Tiny Tigers classes are designed to be fun, easy, and informative. We work on things like fine motor skills, balance, and flexibility while giving them the basics of martial arts. Children at this level of classes gain so much in the way of social skills, making goals and sticking to them, and using their energy in healthy and productive ways.

  • These classes for young kids help them learn to share with peers and teach them to garner good relationships with others their age. We encourage the students to work together as teams or pairs to teach them to communicate and help their fellow students.

  • Children have a lot of energy, and we help them harness that energy into fun and productive ways in our classes. They get the chance to use up a lot of energy while learning taekwondo techniques and having a good time with their friends and peers.

  • A big goal of ours in these classes is to teach your child never to give up. We start the kids early in learning the value of perseverance, something they will develop even more over the years they are in our school.

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Attention Span

It's hard to get kids to focus on just one thing when all they want to do is run around and play. It's even worse for the kids who spend hours sitting still in school all day. Local martial arts lessons are great ways to let your kids expend energy with something physical while increasing their attention span. They get to move their bodies, letting them get out all of the pent up energy from the school day, while paying attention to the instructions are for the class. They will be calmer and more focused in school – and at home – the more they learn with us!

Focus And Motor Skills

Taekwondo is an excellent tool to help teach your child focus as well as help their motor skills. The stances in taekwondo teach balance, and we gradually move into using movements and strikes. Any type of martial arts takes a great deal of focus; that's something students will work on over time to build those skills up. These skills can all be applied to other areas of their lives, like school and sports, too!


Taekwondo Juniors

Juniors is our mid to late grade school level for our taekwondo for kids classes. Here we focus on physical fitness and defense, while also honing those skills of focus and control. We build up your child's self esteem in class with positive reinforcement and giving them goals that they can reach one at a time, seeing that they can achieve the goals they work on getting.

  • Taekwondo, especially at this age, is good for your child's mental health as well as their physical health. It increases self esteem and confidence, while helping them feel empowered. It also reduces tension, stress, and issues of anxiety and depression.

  • These are the classes where we really begin to teach kids about self control, not only in controlling their movements and how hard they hit, but also to help them focus on a task to achieve a goal even if they would prefer to be doing something. It helps your child learn how to make good decisions in life.

  • We use a lot of interactive work in our junior classes, including exercises in team work using team oriented games, drills, and real world activities to help them practice and get better with it. This is something that will help them inside and outside our dojang.

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Anti-Bullying Education

Bullying is any unwanted and aggressive behavior with either real or perceived power imbalances. This is a real issue all through the American school system right now, from grade school to high school, and we at Park's have created a curriculum that has been approved by the local school boards and is currently being taught there to help put a stop to it. Our students learn ways to de-escalate situations with anti-bullying prevention strategies and skills that they can take to the real world to use. We also work on building up their confidence and teaching them the skills to defend themselves if the need arises.


Taekwondo martial arts lessons are focused on discipline of both the body and the mind. Our Masters and instructors here at Parks Federation help to make discipline fun and rewarding for our young students. We use positive reinforcement for all of our students and help them along the way with any trouble they may have. Self discipline will be something they learn in their training to gain belts and move up in taekwondo, and will end up being used out in the real world as well.


Taekwondo Juniors

All of our teen and adult martial arts lessons are focused around physical fitness and self defense. We have classes for beginners in the sport or advanced ones for those who have been training for a while. These classes are great ways to stay in shape, be around peers who have similar goals, and learn self defense while also relieving stress and finding mental clarity.

  • We help you improve things like balance, flexibility, agility, endurance, and strength with our training. This is good for self defense as all of these could come into play in a confrontation. We give you a well rounded education so you are ready for any situation that could arise.

  • Taekwondo demands you to have a firm control of mind over body, pushing yourself a little farther each time than you thought you were capable of. We will help you build up your clarity of thought and the strength of your mind so things like inattention, lack of resolve, and confusion won't cloud your mind.

  • Taekwondo martial arts for teens is a great extracurricular activity that also happens to look great on college applications. Colleges know the time and dedication training in martial arts takes, and that's good for your teen.

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Stress Releif

One of the big benefits of martial arts is that is a great way to relieve stress. The beginning is always the hardest part with any type of sport or physical activity, but the more you pursue it, the more you'll start to feel the stress relief it brings. Any time you need to relieve stress, you can use some of our techniques to do so. You'll start to feel the benefits of decreased stress like less anxiety, better focus, and much higher energy throughout your day.

Physical Fitness

Any martial art is physically demanding, making it a good way to stay in shape and keep you strong. It not only gives you an athletic body; it also keeps you healthy and gives you more energy for you to use in your day. The physical activities you'll go through in taekwondo include: aerobics (using blocking drills and forms), anaerobic activity (sparring), strength training (push ups), and stretching (kicking drills).

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