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“I attended classes at Park's in the 1980s. It taught me self defense and gave me confidence, both that I still use to this day. I was taught discipline which helped me in other sports I was involved in..”
~ Dana Nantz


If someone were to attack you tomorrow, would you be able to defend yourself? Or if a bully came after your child, would they know what to do to neutralize the attack? For most people out there, the answer is no, and that is a big reason why many people make the decision to start taking martial arts classes.

We offer a variety of self defense martial arts classes, including classes for kids self defense. Bullying is a major issue in our school system, with many kids dealing with physical attacks from classmates. Kids karate schools like Park's helps your child feel safe and secure, having a confidence that they can defend themselves while also knowing they have ways to diffuse a situation.


Everyone needs to learn how to defend themselves, whether you are a man, woman, or child. You never know when you'll have to use those skills. Martial arts self defense is better than taking just a few classes to teach you moves you can use against an attacker.

  • Martial arts makes you stronger, building up muscle and letting you learn how to use your body type to your advantage, whether it's strength or quickness.

  • Students of taekwondo and karate learn a variety of different types of moves, letting them respond to the situation as they need to. They aren't stuck with just a couple of moves that they need to remember how to do without the training behind it.

  • Self defense through martial arts comes with the knowledge and skills on how to defuse a situation to avoid a fight if they can. This is especially good for bullying situations as it can avoid any actual swings or kicks, and we help the students in our self defense classes for kids learn that.

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Martial arts like taekwondo and karate help build up confidence in both yourself and your ability to protect yourself if you need to. This helps in self defense because it makes you less of a target to people, whether petty criminals or bullies. Bullies in particular tend to go after those who they perceive as weak. They see someone keeping their head down as a sign that that person won't be able to stand up for themselves. People with confidence and self esteem look like they have it, and keep their heads up. They give an air of strength, and are therefore not seen as targets.


Self defense is about keeping yourself safe and trying to safely subdue any attackers that may come after you. Taekwondo and karate are great ways to keep yourself safe while learning to strengthen muscles and get better stamina. Self defense classes help teach control as well, so you won't hurt the person who does the attack any more than necessary. This is especially important to kids dealing with bullying situations. They want to be able to stay safe and protect themselves while not doing real damage to anyone else.


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