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“Park’s Taekwondo did not just teach me to recite the Black Belt Creed, they help me live it. I have been able to continue to fight cancer at the same time as my son and I enjoy spending valuable quality time together earning our belts and sharing the same interests with each other.”
~ David Maggiore


No great man or woman achieved their goals and changed the world by staying still. We at Park's believe that getting up and moving is the way to achieve success, and things like taekwondo martial arts classes are great tools for all other areas of your life. Get moving and let us help you reach your goals!


We offer classes for a variety of ages, from toddlers all the way up to adults. We tailor our classes for the age groups we are working with. We also offer classes for families, where the entire family unit can train in taekwondo or karate together.


Focus is one of the key aspects in any of the martial arts, as it takes focus and hard work to learn the skills and move up in taekwondo. The art of focus is taught over time in class, starting with focus on stance and breathing. These classes will build up a child's ability to focus on things for longer periods of time, something they can take out of our classes and into other areas of their life. This works for adults too and can better your life.


Ki (sometimes called chi) is the vital energy within the human body. It is connected to our spirit and to the universe around us. Ki is the life force and power within ourselves, and it is an essential part of Taekwondo. We are training both body and mind, bringing them into harmony of each other. We do that through breathing and focus, which are both important for the movements learned later. We use the Ki in our breathing, building up power for later while finding balance.

Self Defense

One of the benefits that comes naturally with any martial art style (karate, jitjusu, mix martial arts, Kung Fu, etc.) is self-defense. Training at the proper school can give a child or an adult the confidence needed to avoid confrontational situations. True self defense is having the inner strength to exude the confidence to remove yourself from a compromising situation. However, in case there is no way to avoid physical confrontation, you can be sure that our curriculum provides you the tools to defend yourself. As a certified US FIGHTING SYSTEMS school, we have three locations for learning taekwondo and karate: Boca Raton, Coral Springs and Coconut Creek.

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Self Defense


Martial arts is a great way to build up confidence in oneself and one's abilities. You build your confidence in almost everything you will do in the dojang, starting with the help and encouragement from the instructors. We know every student has potential and we want to foster that. You challenge yourself each class when learning different moves or sparring against an opponent in front of others. The more you learn and the better you do, the more you will feel capable and confident in your abilities. This confidence will spill over into other areas too, as you feel safe and in control more often.


Taekwondo and karate build up a person's endurance over time. While every student will have to start out slow and doing a little bit, you will add more and more to your regime over time. You'll find your body is able to handle longer training sessions or sessions with more movement the longer you train. It gives you more stamina, and you'll notice that your muscles will ache less the longer you train and you won't be out of breath as easily as when you begin. This is great for your health and fitness, and is part of what increases longevity for our students.


If you are looking for kids martial arts programs and need your children to be taken care of after school, then Character Kidz is the perfect program. In our after school program, we focus on academics, social skills, and sports, giving children the options of tutors and various sports and games as well as evening martial arts classes.

This program is for kids in grades K-5 and some middle school. We offer free pickup using a transportation service from many local schools so you can stay at work until pick up time around 6pm. We also offer this program on no-school days such as teacher planning days, spring, summer, and winter breaks, and some holidays.

Feel secure knowing that we are taking care of your children while you work!

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Social Skills

Taekwondo and karate training can help improve social skills by teaching respect, courtesy, and by building confidence and self esteem. Through respect and courtesy, when we speak and work with other people, social interaction goes more smoothly. We get respect and courtesy back, and thus we come out of social situations happier and more satisfied. The building of confidence and self esteem can help those who are shy or have social phobias come out of their shell. They will feel confident in their interactions.

Character Development

Our belief is that learning a martial art is something that can change lives, and many of our students agree. Our students develop their character as they work hard, by being respectful and modest, showing integrity, and learning the arts of self control and perseverance. Everything that they learn in class, from self respect, confidence, and control, becomes something that is part of their personality – and they can take that out of the dojang with them.