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“...Park's classes are age and skill appropriate based on each individual, instructors are experienced and highly motivated. Grand Master Park and his family have been teaching and training Tae Kwon Do their entire life, they are the BEST in S. Florida in my opinion.”
~ Angela Lam

3 Ways Taekwondo Helps Your Child

Taekwondo is one of the greatest gifts that you can give to your children. It’s not just about being physically fit, or about learning how to compete, but it helps to instill qualities that will be with them for their entire lives. You might think that very young children should not be exposed to martial […]

Kicking Butt and Taking MEDALS! Women and Girls of the National Teams

The Olympic Games are coming up this summer in Rio, and Team USA has been announced with two of the top women in Taekwondo. It’s exciting to see Paige McPherson and Jacqueline Galloway ready to compete for the gold!  Women and girls participate in competitive Taekwondo at every weight level, and at every age, from […]

5 Reasons Kids Thrive with Taekwondo

Sometimes a confident and self-assured preschooler will meet grade school and find that many of the lessons learned there have been forgotten by older kids. Likewise many students making the transition from elementary to middle school find the rules that they once understood change yet again. Bullying is a factor in development at all ages, […]

You Know You’re a Martial Artist When…

There are certain things that you just find yourself doing, or saying, or thinking when martial arts becomes a part of your life. It colors everything you do from making the guys at Home Depot wonder about all that pine board you go through, to the inappropriate KYAP in the grocery store. Read on and […]

Top 3 Food Rules Every Martial Artist Should Follow

You just have to love those clickbait titles, they pull you in every time. Let’s talk about diet and nutrition, because they can actually end up being two separate things. Diet simply means the food a person eats every day, with no connection to nutrition, which a person consumes every day. Nutrition is a scientific […]

Taekwondo Parenting: Foundations of Success

You’ve entered your child in Taekwondo classes, but for your child to succeed and thrive you need to be actively involved in their lives. Parenting changes with the times, and sometimes it’s hard to know what approach to take and how to parent without falling into an unhealthy dynamic with your child. Lay the foundations […]

Being a Leader: Part 3: Mistakes and Failure are a Part of Success

“Dude, sucking at something is the first step to being sorta good at something.” -Jake the Dog, Adventure Time Theater Who says that there’s no wisdom in cartoons? Sometimes it’s as if the characters say things to us that our parents and teachers can’t. Failure and mistakes are scary, and when we fail or make […]

Your Whole Family Needs Self-defense Classes, and Here Are 3 Big Reasons Why

Knowing that you’re able to protect and take care of yourself in any situation feels good—but there’s a lot more to self-defense, or martial arts, than knowing how to fight. When it comes to learning self-defense, there are many ways that you—and your entire family—can benefit. It’s commonly believed that self-defense classes exist only for […]

Being a Leader PART 2: What “Never Give Up” Means

It’s hard to know what some things mean when you don’t have the words to describe them. Sometimes being a kid is like being an alien, because the adults in your world can tell you what to do, but sometimes can’t tell you how to do it. When you’re doing something hard, and you’re getting […]

About Those Resolutions: Taekwondo for Adults

You might have noticed that this is the time of year that clothes fit a little tighter, that you’re tired and stressed out, and hey, look – peppermint mochas! It’s the holidays, right? You have enough on your plate between October and January first, literally and figuratively. It’s okay, you have New Year’s resolutions to […]